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Dinosaur Footwear Tricera Hi-Tops

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The folks at Archaix Laboratories have created a deeply awesome pair of sneakers. Their slogan is, “Solving society’s problem of a lack of wearable dinosaurs” and their first production run is for green dinosaur triceratops shoes called Tricera Hi-Tops. I normally loathe all puns (except sex puns), but I will excuse the punsterism for dinosaur […]

Underwear Strategy

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So I think I’m going to back the Kickstarter for the SHEATH 2.0 – Functionality Where it Matters Most. I have an innie, rather than an outie, when it comes to genitals, so I have no idea whether the whole lift and separate thing would feel comfy and awesome or awful or superfluous. I don’t […]

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It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin for Silicone Interior Designer

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Okay, it’s hard to avoid the serial killer jokes, when faced with an art installation of chairs designed to feel like they are made of human skin. Most folks I know, who use lifelike silicone, employ it to mimic very specific body parts. (I mean, the penis, followed distantly by the vulva, because men never […]

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History of D&D

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I don’t know if this particular set of filmmakers is especially extra-equipped to tell the true story of what really happened with D&D, Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson et. al. or not. But the teaser clip in their promo video is very intriguing. And they say they have traveled all over the . . . Losing […]

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Ghoulmaster Kickstarter

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Gothic.Org just posted a feature article on Pete Carter’s Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse Kickstarter. He loves Halloween and has tons of dark style and guyliner and even wrote an ode to those vital cosmetic basics black lipstick and eyeliner. One of the Kickstarter rewards features some of those song lyrics in black crayon. The incentives are […]

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A Skull A Day

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I wish I’d come across the Skull-A-Day Kickstarter project sooner. Today is your last chance to pledge to the Kickstarter. I love the concept, passion, and commitment behind this. And, of course, that the artist decided to share his creations with the world. Creative Noah Scalin made the commitment to himself to create a new […]

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Drinking Quest: Trilogy Edition

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What you see on BlueBlood.net is kind of the Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth. I have indeed playing both drinking D&D and strip D&D (and drinking Tunnels & Trolls and strip T&T, but I’ll spare you my Flying Buffalo deconstruction.) At any rate, I think I might need the Trilogy Edition of Drinking Quest. […]

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Alexandria Still Burns: Librarians & the Fight for Knowledge

- by in Books, Headline

I like Kyle Cassidy‘s work because he has a good eye for subculture. There is a journalistic aspect to his work, combined with an aesthetically pleasing approach. Kyle Cassidy delves into the social anthropology of cultural aspects which go unexplored by most. I think I first came across him on LiveJournal. (Raise your hand if […]

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Game of Thrones S4 E40: The Children, or Happy Father’s Day

- by in Headline, Popcorn

Our finale episode of Game of Thrones opens with Jon Snow tramping out into the enemy’s camp for a parlay. It’s a dour reunion, fermented mare’s milk cocktails notwithstanding, and negotiations are going pretty badly when Stannis and his newly bought army sluice into the woods and start shredding Mance’s Chancers. Stannis might have sent […]

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June Show at La Luz De Jesus Art Gallery

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After a surreal day of attending first the Bay Pay Forum on the future of banking and digital currencies, following by a private Wells Fargo event at the Beverly Wilshire, I felt like I could finally exhale and relax when Forrest Black and I arrived at the gallery opening for the art showing at La […]

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