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Contract for World’s Biggest Gangbang

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Since Forrest Black’s and my California Deathrock book came out, we’ve been talking about print projects a lot. Print is my first love. One of the projects suggested by some of my unsavory pals would be an omnibus retrospective of BLT. BLT was a little half-sized punk rock humor zine I published in the 1990’s. […]

California Deathrock book published!

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I am super happy to be able to share with you all that Forrest Black’s and my California Deathrock book has been published! In time for Xmas gift, delivery, get the ghouls and fiends in your life a nice hardcover coffee table book at CaliforniaDeathrock.com. We are so grateful for the support from those of […]

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The Iconography of Alice in Wonderland and Heavy Red

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The character of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is wonderfully iconic. When Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, most literature of the time depicted children in a very mannered, unrealistic, and subservient way. At the time, it was very radical to have a child heroine who knew her […]

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Sara X Wins the Internet

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Long time Blue Blood readers will be familiar with Sara X from her appearances in the Blue Blood VIP and her Thou shalt not strip feature article on BlueBlood.net. Aside from being well-read, articulate, witty, and darn hot, Sara X pretty much won the internet this week. Her first YouTube video is a brief film […]

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Stéfan le Dû is a Genius

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The internet is generally, as Dave Chapelle called it, intolerable. But every once in a while, I come across something marvelous, which the internet has made possible. Earlier today, I saw an uncredited but awesome photo with a Star Wars Stormtrooper theme. I wish people would post proper attribution, but, using various image search tools, […]

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Dinosaur Footwear Tricera Hi-Tops

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The folks at Archaix Laboratories have created a deeply awesome pair of sneakers. Their slogan is, “Solving society’s problem of a lack of wearable dinosaurs” and their first production run is for green dinosaur triceratops shoes called Tricera Hi-Tops. I normally loathe all puns (except sex puns), but I will excuse the punsterism for dinosaur […]

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Underwear Strategy

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So I think I’m going to back the Kickstarter for the SHEATH 2.0 – Functionality Where it Matters Most. I have an innie, rather than an outie, when it comes to genitals, so I have no idea whether the whole lift and separate thing would feel comfy and awesome or awful or superfluous. I don’t […]

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It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin for Silicone Interior Designer

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Okay, it’s hard to avoid the serial killer jokes, when faced with an art installation of chairs designed to feel like they are made of human skin. Most folks I know, who use lifelike silicone, employ it to mimic very specific body parts. (I mean, the penis, followed distantly by the vulva, because men never […]

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History of D&D

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I don’t know if this particular set of filmmakers is especially extra-equipped to tell the true story of what really happened with D&D, Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson et. al. or not. But the teaser clip in their promo video is very intriguing. And they say they have traveled all over the . . . Losing […]

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Ghoulmaster Kickstarter

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Gothic.Org just posted a feature article on Pete Carter’s Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse Kickstarter. He loves Halloween and has tons of dark style and guyliner and even wrote an ode to those vital cosmetic basics black lipstick and eyeliner. One of the Kickstarter rewards features some of those song lyrics in black crayon. The incentives are […]

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