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Game of Thrones S4 E32: The Lion and the Rose, or The Blood and the Mucus

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We begin our second episode of Game of Thrones with Barry the Bastard playing at his usual outdoor amusement of chasing folks through the fresh woodland air with arrows. He has a chick with him, which couldn’t be much more distressing, and Our Theon of Sorrows is gamely attempting to keep up in spite of […]

Awesome Nate Scimio Stabbing Victim Selfie

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When I was in high school, a cute boy who got stabbed didn’t have the option to photograph himself swaggering and smiling on painkillers (I assume) in the hospital and get 15 minutes of fame. You can check out Nate Scimio’s Instagram here. I’m sure there will come a time when this sort of thing […]

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Game of Thrones, S4 E31: Two Swords, or A String of Dead Sparrow Heads

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Our new season of Game of Thrones begins with the final unsheathing of Ned Stark’s greatsword Ice, which Tywin Lannister has apparently decided to repurpose as two smaller swords. Sort of like splitting a loft space into two units. Since that isn’t enough of a symbolic emasculation and erasure for one pre-credit sequence, he also […]

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Mila Kunis and Bourbon

- by in Headline, Trappings

Guys? Guys? Bunch of videos of Mila Kunis and Bourbon. She actually drinks Bourbon in one of them. It’s a bit intense. No, I don’t drink Jim Beam usually. But Old Overholt is a Beam brand and it’s a standby. And Beam’s under the Suntory umbrella now, so they’re in with Auchentoshan and Bowmore.

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Polly Pandemonium San Francisco Memoir Kickstarter

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I’m in Vegas, so I’ll keep my words brief and let Polly tell you her story in her own words. She’d like to tell you the whole story and today is the last day to pledge to her Kickstarter for publishing Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary by Polly Whittaker. Forrest Black and I photographed a bunch […]

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London Calling

- by in Headline, Trappings

Every year, I promise myself I am going to get to a zillion conventions. I loooooooooove tradeshows. I have not been getting my full fix since the economy tanked, but I swear I am going to London Edge in 2015. This year, the show takes place February 2 to 4. If any of you all […]

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California Deathrock: Subculture Portraits by Forrest Black and Amelia G

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You all probably recall that Forrest Black and I have been working on a photography art book of our portraits of the California Deathrock scene of the last 15+ years. I just wanted to let you all know that the book is about to come out! We shot the gorgeous and very unique Malice McMunn […]

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The Internet’s Most Popular Cats

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So I’ve been doing some business research where I get to use all these fancy (expensive) professional databases. One of the databases I have access to is Statista. Here is how Statista describes itself: The world’s largest statistics portal We pride ourselves in being the world’s first and only company to bring together data from […]

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SLC Punk Sequel Indie Go Go

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Okay, this could easily be one more thing destroying pop culture touchstones of my childhood. Like that Star Wars sequel with Jar Jar Binks and cutesy young Darth Vader or whoever etc. (I’d like to point out that I somewhat presciently said at the time that it looked like George Lucas was trying to get […]

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Razor Candi, Bitcoin Black Friday, Small Business Saturday

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Hey there, everyone, the Blue Blood elves have been working around the clock these past few months to bring you all sorts of cool new stuff. I thought it would be an awesome idea to go to grad school, while working full time. Turns out it is very challenging. Who knew? (Besides anyone who thought […]

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