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Do you know what Experian, Free Credit Report, Thirsty, Hot Topic and SuicideGirls have in common?

- by in Manifesto

A while back, I was appalled to learn that my pal Halcyon had taken a gig assisting with promo for Experian’s FreeCreditReport.com. Halcyon has always struck me as someone, who not only has a beautiful soul, but someone who usually strives to better the world around him, rather than polluting it. He and I made […]

How do you respond to friends placing business before ideals?

How do you respond to friends placing business before ideals?

- by in Blue Blood

I watched the Rock Docs: NWA: The World’s Most Dangerous Group documentary about NWA last night. Surprisingly, it made me think and actually somewhat changed my view on some things, most notably Ice Cube. I know, if something on VH1 made me think, apparently intentionally, then WTF is up with the universe? I loathed Ice […]

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