Blue Blood Beauties Do Frontline Assembly

The new video for Frontline Assembly’s Shifting through the Lens is the fetish video industrial bands always flirt with but almost never do. The Shifting Through the Lens vid stars Julie Simone. In the music video, she plays a hot latex-clad video vixen, a domina, a cameraman, and a fetish director. In real life, Julie Simone plays a hot latex-clad video vixen, a domina, a cameraman, and a fetish director. Julie Simone appears in ten Blue Blood VIP updates to date and she has shot, rigged, or directed dozens more Blue Blood VIP updates. So she was pretty perfectly cast in this Frontline Assembly video and does her performance so very deliciously well.

Shifting Through the Lens is actually directed by someone who goes by the moniker of Nasty Byte a.k.a. Anastasia Blink-Warhola. Anastasia Blink-Warhola is extremely experienced at shooting and editing concert footage and is currently at work on Frontline Assembly’s forthcoming World Domination double DVD.

Also featured in the video are nightclub scenes shot at DNA Lounge in San Francisco. The primary focus, however, is on fetish and Julie Simone and fellow Blue Blood hotties Rubber Necro and Nikki Sebastian.

Back when rock journalism was more of a primary gig for me, I interviewed Bill Leeb on I think the Caustic Grip tour and I recall him being intelligent, articulate, and a good sport. A refreshingly nice combo one doesn’t always find in rock stars. I am vaguely surprised, given how ahead-of-the-curve on technology FLA has been, that there does not appear to be an official Frontline Assembly web site. (FYI, folks can contact us to help y’all build web presences.)


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