Do you use a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other e-reader?

So, my Backstage Passes book has been accepted for Nook and iPad distribution and of course is formatted for Kindle. All the book trades seem to indicate that the Kindle is in the lead having the most readable screen with the Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device and the newly discounted and nearly-as-good smaller latest generation Kindle Wireless Reading Device, but with the iPad coming up fast with additional features, and the Nook coming in a distant third.

I admit I’m still reading on paper most of the time, although going over to Kindle would surely save me some storage space and I’d be able to find books faster when I want them and have no idea what shelf and box they are in IRL. I know a couple of people who won’t read anything which is not available on Kindle. I’ve also seen some demos of new tech coming down the pike which looks cool.

Do any of you all use Kindle, Nook, iPad, or any other e-reader? If so, which one and why? Do you use it instead of paper books and magazines, or in addition to them?



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