Google Glass + Heavy Firearms + iPad = Live Action Halo

So an AR series firearm, a pair of Google Glass, and an iPad walk into a bar . . . Fortunately for them, Texas-based Tracking Point has developed a real-time ballistics algorithm which goes all Terminator for you and let’s you shoot successfully at your target. Even if you suck at target shooting. Even if you are shooting around a corner. Yup, Google Glass can simultaneously make someone with a badass-looking gun look like a total dork and make that dork capable of hitting a target around a corner.

Also, if using a Tracking Point system, shooters can share data via iPad and Bluetooth, so, uhm, strangers can see them make a kill or like, uh, coordinate with their team. Most importantly, Tracking Point has used their imagination to leverage technology so that it is possible to, not only livestream via an iPad, but to record the user’s kills for posterity. That won’t be abused.

Tracking Point points out that their system makes shots more ethical because folks won’t shoot at the wrong target or kill deer with lame racks, when they could be getting spectacular trophies. The Tracking Point peeps also point out that they think their superior target-viewing and aiming will give military and law enforcement a superior tactical advantage. Here is the thing about tactical advantages though: they do not last. In business, when you innovate, this is called having first mover advantage. Most businesspeople believe that first mover advantage lasts for three to five years. So, by that logic, it will take a max of three to five years for criminals and military organizations we don’t like to have this technology.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the innovation in weapons tech here is genius and really nifty. I already know I live in the dystopian cyberpunk future promised in 1980’s science fiction. I enjoyed Arnold Schwarzenegger in both The Terminator and T2. I believe that technology may not want to be free, but it does want to be available. Anything which mankind can do, it eventually will. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. I will be sad if a nutbar comes after me (or anyone else) and is armed with smart rifles, but, hey, at least such atrocities can be livestreamed and recorded now. That should put a damper on agenda-ized and self-aggrandizing reports on what supposedly happened in awful mass shootings. The public will be able to go to the source video. I recommend including The Running Man in your next Arnold Schwarzenegger film festival.

TrackingPoint, the worldwide leader in advanced firearms technology, has released a video from their Labs department that demonstrates the use of wearable technology along with a Precision Guided Firearm (PGF). PGF technology makes use of a bevy of sensors to make highly accurate ballistic calculations, taking into account wind, elevation, pressure, and more in real time. TrackingPoint’s PGFs enable shooters to lock on and accurately hit moving targets at up to 1200 yards. The video showcases the companies R&D testing of their Shotview streaming app for mobile devices, paired with consumer wearable technology.

When paired with wearable technology, PGFs can provide unprecedented benefits to shooters, such as the ability to shoot around corners, from behind low walls, and from other positions that provide exceptional cover. Without PGF technology, such positions would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fire from.

The video demonstrates how wearable technology could enhance a shooter’s ability to engage targets on the battlefield. Similar to a fighter jet’s head’s-up display (HUD), the wearable PGF technology provides the shooter with visual aids to improve the aiming and shooting process. TrackingPoint’s ShotView system can be used to stream video to smartphones or tablets. With wearable technology, the ShotView system could be even more tightly integrated into the shooting experience.

Through the PGF’s ShotView video stream on the HUD, the shooter can easily see such important variables as range to target, shot angle, rifle cant, compass direction, battery life, and zoom setting, all without looking away or diverting their attention. Clearly, the advent of wearable technology has unlocked the potential for firearms to be used in all new ways.

TrackingPoint is an Austin, Texas based applied technology company specializing in integrating advanced technology into battle-proven firearms. TrackingPoint PGFs use jet fighter lock and launch technology to ensure small arm accuracy at great distances. Available now, TrackingPoint’s AR series and long-range bolt-action rifles enable even novice shooters to hit targets with pinpoint accuracy out to 1200 yards. TrackingPoint has shipped hundreds of PGFs to hunters and sport shooters around the country.

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