Do you want to party with Capri Anderson and Charlie Sheen?

capri anderson charlie sheen date x-art

I’m not exactly a big tabloid reader, although I’m fascinated by the cultural impact of evolving media forms. I did watch the Edward G. Robinson classic Unholy Partners this week on TCM. Unholy Partners is a 1941 movie, a period piece about how WWI spurred sensationalist journalism but America was all done with that by 1919. Ah, to be able to show those movie makers a crystal ball and watch the expression on their faces. But I digress.

In an era where TMZ and company will make a huge big deal out of the most minor behaviors, you have to give it up for a movie star who can get headlines like Charlie Sheen found naked with cocaine on face in restaurant bathroom before bizarre hotel meltdown or Charlie Sheen: Porn star Christina Walsh joined him and ex-wife Denise Richards at dinner table hours before his cocaine hotel rampage or Charlie Sheen’s porn star date says he owes her 12k. Some speculate that Charlie Sheen’s date pocketed his $100,000+ collectible watch as collateral for the $12,000 he was supposed to pay for their date. Hey, if you are going to do something, you should do it up right. So hats off to Charlie Sheen for going for the gusto.

I’ve seen her work as Capri Anderson and she is a very pretty girl, but her legal name (or perhaps her escort name) is apparently Christina Walsh. You can check out the Capri Anderson website or click the pics to see her work with X-Art and Kink.

capri anderson charlie sheen hotel

capri anderson charlie sheen date machine sex


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