Deathrock T-Shirt Design

So you all know Forrest Black and I are about to come out with a hardcover book of our deathrock photography. The book was funded via Kickstarter and we included a California Deathrock T-shirt as one of the possible rewards. Here is a mockup of what the California Deathrock T-shirts will look like. Forrest Black and I (by which I mean mostly Forrest Black) are still tweaking a few things, but this is essentially the style. To imagine it, think of how this will appear with fabric texture. The design will be bleached out against soft black for a nice feel to the touch.

Too many of my T-shirts are things I got for free at various industry conventions. This means that they excessively feature names of advertising technologies I do not utilize, adult companies I do not promote, and bands I do not listen to. So it is normal to get T-shirts designed when you need new clothes, right?

We plan to go to press with the shirts Thursday or Friday. If anyone would like to get a shirt post-Kickstarter now, you can pre-order for $25 via PayPal until Friday, still with free shipping. Not sure what the pricing on that will be once we have in-stock inventory, but I’m guessing more.

Right now, we are still trying to figure out whether to have the design skewed toward ideally S and M shirts, such that it will still look good on L or XL, but probably not ideal on 2X or 3X or aim them at ideally L and XL, so they will still look good on 2X or 3X. Might end up doing two versions for different sizes. One of those interesting clothing design questions, one doesn’t always think about until really in the process.

deathrock t shirt


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