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Alex S. Johnson is a music journalist, editor, English professor, novelist and poet. His first novel, Death Moon, was released in 2005 from Black Flame Press/New Line Cinema. The Death Jazz, a collection of short fiction and poetry, came out in 2012 from The Shwibly Press. His fiction has appeared in Bloodsongs, Full-Metal Orgasm, Cthulhu Sex, Twizted Tungz and the anthologies Noirotica III and Master/slave. He is currently in transition from 20 years in Los Angeles to a new home in Sacramento.

Exclusive Dinah Cancer Interview: 45 Grave Bring the Truer Blood

- by in Headline, Personalities

Take Hammer Horror keyboards, bone-hard power chords, skittering dance-ready beats straight outta surf music, a rhythm section that works as one driving unit, and add scarylicious vocals—you’ve got 45 Grave. Fronted by Mary Sims, aka Dinah Cancer, 45 Grave were the first band to use the Baphomet as a logo (Venom and the Crue were […]

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