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The Most Gorgeous Gothic Sluts of Halloween

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Forrest Black and I recently had the pleasure of photographing badass mohawk punk Tara Toxic and sexy artsy goth chick Annika Amour pumpkin carving. They each had their own pumpkin carving styles, which you can see in their entirety in the Blue Blood VIP and on GothicSluts.com. Tara was a bit more hack and slash […]

420 Sure Is Economical

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In honor of 4/20, I wanted to write something about how the low price of kush in California, even when you factor in doctor visits, demonstrates what happens when the market right-prices healthcare. I’m indifferent to marijuana, on a personal level, but I believe strongly in what it politically represents. But I glanced at Facebook, […]

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Sierras Hello Kitty

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Sierras says she fears her obsession with doing Hello Kitty shoots may be becoming excessive, but the member emails we’ve been getting about the most recent Sierras shoot in the Blue Blood VIP suggest that it is all good. Got a little tantalizing sampling of non nude shots from the series in this BlueBlood.net Sierras […]

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Razor Candi has Evil on Her Mind

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This is a bit of a behind the scenes video. The talented Bodó Janos Attila has photographed eight sets of gorgeous Razor Candi for the Blue Blood VIP so far and here you can see what those shoots are like.

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New Year, Nice Balloons, Sale Prices

New Year, Nice Balloons, Sale Prices

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BlueBlood.com will be finishing up 2008 with a celebratory balloons set of the lovely Voltaire, lensed by yours truly and Forrest Black. Nothing says “party” like balloons on a hot naked tattooed girl. Well, maybe other things say “party” like that, but balloons on a hot naked tattooed girl are still very festive. Blue Blood’s […]

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