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Ice Cube on My Block

Ice Cube on My Block

- by in Music

My block is generally bracketed by Russian (or possibly Armenian) gangsters in big black cars. They keep the neighborhood safe. Hollywood is probably pretty safe anyway. I occasionally hear gunshots at night, but never anything like an AK. Today, however, LAPD bookends my street instead. Rapper Ice Cube has been set up to shoot a […]

Why Working at Home is both Awesome and Horrible

Why Working at Home is both Awesome and Horrible

- by in Art, Manifesto

So Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal is pretty much a genius. He sold an early social network he coded some years back, so I have no idea if he needs to sit at home creating antisocial quizzes and hilarious webcomics. But, need to or not, he does. Today’s entry is Why Working at Home is […]

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