Archer S4E11: The Papal Chase

Archer-Hating Wife and I were on a family trip last week, which was fun and ended with me contracting the flu and a respiratory infection at the same time. I’m on 5 different meds and laughing makes me cough until my vision dissolves into paparazzi flashbulbs, and I can’t tell if I’ve started raving yet.

I missed last week’s recap and had been too stuporous to even watch the ep. I finally managed this morning and for pity’s sake. Yes, that is how I found out that laughing makes me nearly pass out, but a whole episode of fart jokes and gross dog antics? YES IT WAS FUNNY, but I’m not recapping it except to say that of course Poovey is agent material and I’ve got fever sweats so let’s get to this week’s ep.

We open at ISIS HQ, where there are about 20 new hires running around and Mallory is bitching Ray out. And we’ve already made up for the last few ep’s Krieger deficit, thank you very much. Jazz hands!

Radical faction of the Swiss Guard? Halberd rampage!

(Holy shit, that talking dog show with Frodo got a new season? This from the guys who cancelled Firefly?)

So the gang’s all here, with Lana in her hangover shades, Ron and his newspaper, and holy balls we get Sterling in Father Guido Sarducci drag. (I swear, this must be what watching Bugs Bunny with me was like for my parents.) And I’m hoping Lana’s nun drag is a go-to Halloween costume this year. Or Pam’s, I’m easy.

Lana’s pedantry in no way detracts from her charms, or maybe that’s just me. (Romansh is a dead language, sweetie.) And Woodhouse! Nice to see the full cast in action. And the Pink Panther is always playing on a flight somewhere. It’s a rule. And it sets the stage for the bumbletastic Blake Edwards farce of trying to switch Woodhouse for El Papa without killing either of them outright or injecting heroin into everyone. (Does Woodhouse sprout syringes as a defense, like a porcupine?)

And I get my halberd joke, and Lana gets her hail of MP5 fire, and the animators get to use some oddities from the vehicle art package they splurged on for this season.

And rolling gunfight through Vatican City, somehow everyone escapes deadly injury, and Pam gets line of the night again for “equally sexy?”

I liked this ep, but should point out that I got through it without coughing myself blind. Apparently that requires well-timed dog farting.


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