Archer S4E8: Coyote Lovely

Archer Hating Wife update: AHW hates the show so much that it makes her pine for the bad old days of 3 networks. “Thursdays used to mean Hawaii and beautiful mustaches! Why can’t Thursdays still mean Magnum?” Sorry, hon. We’ll watch 5-0 later for a fix.

This week’s ep of Archer begins with a nice portable reel-to-reel from the design morgue, and an ambush in armadillo country. Away team is Lana, Cyril, and a chatty Sterling on the mic.

Coyote is in fact a loanword, not a calque, by the way. Also, according to Wikipedia, “Loanword” is a calque of the German “Lehnwort”. Mind: Blown.

Lana’s been at the Wikipedia too, mugging up on developmental and autistic spectrum disorders. Which gives her some ammo to hit a nerve with our boy Sterling, who seems oddly familiar with the associated behaviors.

Slight gloss on the ballistic properties on the Barrett Arms .50, which would have turned our driver’s hand into a tattered flag of blood and bone, aaaaand holy dicks, it’s Latina Katya! Apparently she can throw down, if I’m reading the array of facial bruises on Lana & Cyril correctly.

Lana doesn’t blink at being called a Lorax-blowing treehugger. And boy, nobody on this show has an internally consistent political or intellectual agenda, but if anyone can lose this imbecilic argument on immigration with Lana, it’s Sterling.

And apparently MexiKatya doesn’t need to throw down, since she has Sterling handy to beat down his colleagues. The real damage from a stunning blow to the head comes from the fall, which in Lana’s case is about six feet of dead drop with her skull landing like a pumpkin. Ooooogh, eye-whites.

And, Mexican standoff. Why not. And Figgis gets a shattered sternum and some organ damage. I’m starting to think that what Lana was attributing to developmental issues might be a result of Archer being a medical treasure trove of concussion syndrome data.

Back at interdimensional time node ISIS, the debrief continues, all Rashomon-style. Poovey & Tunt show up for comic relief, which I just realized is a pretty thankless chore on a comedy. Poovey steps up to the task with a combo Farmer’s Daughter + Poolboy gag, and puts a slap on Tunt, who to her credit doesn’t quiver.

Special note to people under 40: That thing Sterling is driving is really called a station wagon, and they easily fit 20 people. Back before you were a war criminal for not strapping your kids down like F1 drivers for a trip to the grocery store, it was normal to have unsecured juvenile passengers in the back of station wagons slewing around like TJ Hooker on the hood. And parents would smoke in the front seat. Cars had ashtrays.

You know what last week’s ep was missing? KRIEGER. And hey, no one’s dead yet.

And, cavalcade of fart and BJ gags, and more of the rotoscopy car animation. I dig it, but it sticks out.

FINALLY Sterling gets shot. It’s not really a show until he’s coughing blood. And here’s your weekly reminder to watch with the captioning on.

Interlude time, as we visit with the classic drunken veterinarian slash trauma surgeon, who treats us to a Tim Conway slow routine with a bottle of Anejo. Special note to people under 40: Tim Conway sucks.

Sigh. And we get out wrap up, in which we get to see just how brutally Sterling’s priapic mania has been exploited for the big double-cross. And Krieger has some new spare parts for his pigboy experiments. (Said your mom?)


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