Archer, The Archer Sanction, Season 6, Ep3

I want to share screencaps of the hot tub party at the office and the appalling disaster at Malory Archer’s apartment, but the FX site system seems to be locked into some kind of deathmatch with Adobe Flash on my work station. Anyway, episode 3 of Archer sees Lana, Ray, and Sterling on their way to carry out an assassination for the CIA. Sterling Archer has not bothered to really commit the dossier to memory. Or bring it with him. So he doesn’t recall anything about the target, besides that he (or she) is from an Axis power.

Apparently, Sterling is unsure whether Ireland was an Axis power. Humorously, I just finished reading a Declan Burke murder mystery and they kept talking about cocaine and ecstasy in the Northwest. So I kept thinking like Portland or Seattle or maybe Vancouver. Eventually, I realized it was actually the Northwest of Ireland. The author being named Declan Burke might have been a clue. Also the author being famous as an Irish writer of pretty much exclusively comic crime novels set in Ireland. And I’m not even an autistic super spy like Sterling.

No cobra whiskey this episode, but Sterling Archer has developed a Peppermint Patty. I personally loathe mint, especially artificial mint, but, if you like chocolate and mint and hangovers, I know which superagent should mix your drinks. My favorite beverage this episode is the giant fishbowl drink, which Sterling nonchalantly sucks from, as their bearded guides goes mad with frustration. FX sells Archer shotglasses sometimes, but I feel like there should be an Archer drinking game. I believe I even know some experienced revelers who might have a prayer of surviving an Archer drinking game. Or die trying.


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