Archer, The Holdout, Season 6, Ep1

This season of Archer kicks off with Sterling Archer waking up from a truly epic bender. Epic even for benderiffic Sterling Archer. There is some sort of goat wandering around his bungalow and a golf cart has been crashed through one wall. He also appears to have an infected new piercing.

His mother/boss Malory wakes him up to let him know that her spy company ISIS will be merging with The Company the CIA. In one of the best detail moments of the show, behind her, you can see workmen rolling the old ISIS logo away. In the foreground, Lana Kane (with babe in arms) says that Sterling is no doubt employing cobra whiskey and ladyboy hookers in his current adventures. “You don’t know me!” he yells. Afterwards, he wanders into the bathroom to tell the two giggling girls in the shower that there is an extra twenty thousand in it for them, if they can prove they are genetic females. When they pull aside the shower curtain to show Sterling their front parts, I like that the show leaves it ambiguous as to whether his “damn it!” is because they are, in fact, ladyboy hookers or because he just blew another twenty k.

Then there is a mission of something, which riffs on an old 6 Million Dollar Man episode. The timeline is screwy because that episode was on the air ages ago. But there is some funny stuff about cell phone technology and the fluidity of global politics.

Archer must salvage a crashed plane in a jungle filled with relics from World War II. An FX Original Series Thursdays 10PM ET/PT on FX.


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