Resident Evil Extinction

I know some science fiction fans get peeved when SF movies have overly traditionally attractive people in them. Then again, some science fiction fans found the captain in that Serenity thing attractive, so there is no accounting for some people’s taste. Ew. Anyway, The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies, mostly because I’m a big Luc Besson fan and nobody does exhausted-but-toughing-it-out like Bruce Willis, but, while perhaps not my own personal perfect woman, Milla Jovovich was just fine there too. And she looks mighty badass fine in the trailers for Resident Evil 3 aka Resident Evil: Extinction. And she is playing opposite Oded Fehr, who was the terrifying genius mastermind on Sleeper Cell. I’m not really down with the Vegas being all destroyed though. I love Vegas. Aesthetically, the movie looks like a more Western-styled Mad Max via Maxim or FHM. Check out the trailer to see what I mean.

The tagline slogans for this flick are all pretty entertaining across the board:

1. A zombie needs only one thing . . . the living.
2. All bets are off.
3. Experimentation. Evolution. Extinction.
4. This fall all bets are off.
5. We have witnessed the beginning. We have seen the apocalypse. Now we face extinction.
6. What happens in Vegas . . . stays in Vegas.

As all of my friends know, what happens in Vegas only stays in Vegas if we don’t take photos and then post the pictures online.


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