Pirate Gangsters Put Bounties on Doggie Heads

According to The Times Online, the UK and USA have been collaborating in stamping out international movie piracy rings. Specifically, a team with the MPAA has trained a couple of adorable black labradors to sniff out the chemicals used in making pirated DVDs. Apparently, the polycarbonates and solvents used in the pirate DVD manufacturing process are very distinctive and are as easy for a dog’s sensitive nose to pick out as cocaine or marajuana. Out of 2.7 million DVDs seized in Malaysia this past year, approximately 2 million were sniffed out by a pair named Lucky and Flo. Lucky and Flo have since traveled to the UK and been decimating the piracy trade in Jack the Ripper’s old stomping grounds of Whitechapel. They have been so successful that new puppy teams are being trained in Northern Ireland. Apparently, various gangsters have taken such a fiscal hit that they have felt compelled to offer a $30,000 bounty on the slaughter of any of the DVD sniffing dogs.


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