David Aaron Clark Remembered

david aaron clark amelia g boaOne of the many things I liked about David Aaron Clark was that he had eclectic interests and he had an artist’s drive to share his passions. In Korea, BoA is not Bank of America, but a huge pop act with crazy hot music videos. As part of a campaign to launch her in America, she played a special concert at Universal Citywalk. DAC invited me and Forrest Black to go and we had a lot of fun. DAC was too shy to buy the CD and the poster BoA would later autograph, so Forrest went and did it for him. Later DAC treated us to dinner. The shrimp place at Citywalk has wretched food and good drinks, but the important thing was that we enjoyed great conversation. And my glass had flashing lights in it like a mini-rave. David Aaron Clark always claimed he didn’t smile in pictures, but this David Aaron Clark photo gallery demonstrates that he did, under the right circumstances.

A few days ago, I posted my initial personal response to DAC’s passing RIP David Aaron Clark. Here is a list of links to other remembrances by some of the artists, writers, and deviant who mourn him. Los Angeles folks who knew him may be getting together around 7pm tonight in the bar at the ground floor of his former apartment building.

Gram Ponante: Into the Realm with David Aaron Clark

In A Metal Web: The Art of Michael Manning – R.I.P. David Aaron Clark (1960-2009)

In A Metal Web: The Art of Michael Manning – PURE 02

Charles Pinion 2009: DAVID AARON CLARK 1960-2009

Danny Hellman Unofficial Screw Cover Art Blog: David Aaron Clark: 1960 – 2009

Kumimonster: DAC

Evil Angel: Pure

MistressGenevieve It isn’t all bondage and bon-bons!

Genesis: David Aaron Clark (1960-2009)

Luke is Back: DAC has Passed Away at 49

Luke is Back: Old Luke/Aiden Starr quotes

Luke is Back: DAC Archived on LIB

Luke is Back: Porn vs Art by DAC

Luke Ford: Author David Aaron Clark, RIP

Great News Chums!: David Aaron Clark 1960 – 2009

Sharon Lintz: In Memory of David Aaaron Clark. 1960-2009. RIP.

Sharon Lintz: Pornhound #4 Aaron comic strip

David Aaron Clark MySpace


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