Party Coverage While Ready to Eat

True to my word, I went to the BOOM Holiday Party at Meltdown Comics yesterday. Luminaries in attendance included writer Kim Krizan, artist Lawrence Snelly and Dave Ehrlich from Chronicle Books. Forrest Black and I spent much of the evening chatting with them about cooking. Larry, Dave, Forrest, and I are all nouveau homemakers, so we all find our newfound abilities in the cooking-a-whole-chicken department most excellent.

BOOM Studios VP of Publishing Wes Harris, who I adore, is more of an old hand in the kitchen. He told me he was considering making salmon in puff pasty for Christmas and, when I asked how one does that, he was like, it is simple, just put it in puff pastry. This is perhaps a less obvious how-to than an experienced cook might think.

Am I writing this while hungry? Maybe. It’s about quittin’ time here and I should stop talking about food and start doing something about it, preparatory to night out on the town. Tis the season.

Photo below is, from right to left, yours truly, Wes Harris, BOOM writer/marketing guy Chip Mosher, and purportedly Wes Harris’s brother Allen. Or possibly Alan. Or possibly Wes’s accountant.

BOOM Studios Meltdown Party allen alan accountant chip mosher wes harris amelia g


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