Happy Birthday, FreeOnes, 23% of Models are Pierced

Venerable model and naked girl database FreeOnes just turned 15. As part of their anniversary celebrations, they put together an infographic based on data they have collected about all those beautiful babes you look at on the internet. Today, 18% of the girls they track are inked up and 23% of models are pierced. When I started publishing Blue Blood magazine in print in 1992, you could get thrown out of the mall (at least in Springfield, Virginia) just for having a friend with a pierced nose. For real. Today, the Piercing Pagoda at the same mall will be happy to pierce your nose. Piercing Pagoda sounds like a joke Matt Groening Life in Hell invention, not a real place, but there it is. Glad to have been able to do my part to change people’s attitudes and aesthetics and happy to get to witness the world evolving.

The winner of their (FreeOnes’, not Piercing Pagoda’s) recent Miss Free Ones 2013 contest, is the mohawked and tattooed Christy Mack. Blue Blood contributors who placed included Masuimi Max, Julie Simone, Tricia Oaks, Samantha Grace, and Dannii Harwood. A while back, Forrest Black and I photographed Scar 13 for FreeOnes. Speaking of gothic, FreeOnes reports in their infographic that 2% of the models they list are deceased.

Happy 15th birthday, FreeOnes!

freeones infographic


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