History of D&D

I don’t know if this particular set of filmmakers is especially extra-equipped to tell the true story of what really happened with D&D, Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson et. al. or not. But the teaser clip in their promo video is very intriguing. And they say they have traveled all over the . . .

Losing words I have written really super duper bums me out. Unfortunately, during an upgrade of our servers this summer, the rest of this article was vaporized. I am super unhappy that this happened, but the Kickstarter is over and I don’t recall precisely what I wrote before. I’ve looked through MYSQL backups and Google cache and Way Back Machine archives and all our social media and all I could recover was that first little bit above. Sorry about that. Hope y’all read it when I first wrote and posted it.

gygax kingdom


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