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What A Portrait Means

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Forrest Black and I had our portraits shot by Allan Amato last week. People always ask me why Forrest and I don’t shoot each other more often, but the reality is, other than goofy behind-the-scenes shots, it is hard to be on both sides of the lens at the same time. Metaphorically, in the sense […]

Shooting in Vegas

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I can’t believe how little I’ve been shooting in Las Vegas lately. Forrest Black and I are planning on rectifying this soon. We’ll probably start in December and not wait for January and the adult shows. (Gratuitous blurry snapshot camera pics below of us in Las Vegas for the aforementioned. Forrest Black is better at […]

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Punch Robert – That Doesn’t Make You A Model

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One of the oddest impacts of the internet is that being actually famous has become super unfun and being even a teeny bit internet famous can lead to a lot of the same headaches real famous people have — privacy invasion, unflattering paparazzi pics, strangers saying mean stuff — only without the resources actual successful […]

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