Shooting in Vegas

I can’t believe how little I’ve been shooting in Las Vegas lately. Forrest Black and I are planning on rectifying this soon. We’ll probably start in December and not wait for January and the adult shows. (Gratuitous blurry snapshot camera pics below of us in Las Vegas for the aforementioned. Forrest Black is better at go-karts than I am.) Anyway, if you are interested in modeling for us, please email submit [at] and I swear we are going to get around to simplifying that form one of these days, but it won’t be today.

For my Vegas plans, I am planning on doing all the usual things i.e. eat at buffets, look at the amazing lit-up city, and collaborate with hot tattooed girls to create awe-inspiring imagery. I may still visit Palms Casino even after its recent incident about hookers and drugs which caused them $1 million. Although they are not the first casino to have this kind of trouble. The usual. My evil genius brother tells me that playing poker makes you better at business, so one of my goals for the coming year is to learn how to play. I also plan to take golf lessons. Don’t roll your eyes at me. Golf Punk. Oh, you never heard of Golf Punk? It was a short-lived but kinda original and cool magazine, which was what it sounds like. I think the issue I had featured Tony Kamal from No Doubt on the cover. Hmm, I just asked the internet and apparently there is still a Golf Punk Magazine web site, but it seems much much less robust than the magazine was. I swear I know waaaaaaaaay too much about the magazine publishing business. Or is that what being an expert on something is supposed to entail? Knowing a lot of weird details which are usually totally unnecessary, but, once in a great while, provide tremendously useful insight? But I digress.

So, anyway, yeah, I am going to shoot some new work in Vegas soon, so interested interesting-looking people should get in touch. I definitely already have a couple of folks out there I am looking forward to working with.

Plus I am going to take poker lessons and become extra-awesome at business. I wonder what poker museums are in Las Vegas these days. The Stardust Casino used to have one which purported to recreate Wild Bill Hickok’s Dead Man’s Hand — Aces and eights and maybe a diamond something, if you ask the Stardust. The Stardust was one of the first hotels I stayed in while in the gambling mecca in the desert. It was a totally weird experience where this friend of my brother’s said he totally got free rooms for being an ice skater or something. We had the pick up the room key in — I am totally serious, a dark alley. And the guy came through and handed us the key from the passenger seat of a little red convertible sportscar, which never came to a complete stop. Then there was a partially empty beer bottle in the room when we got there. Then the weird ice skater dude tried to put the touch on us. We changed hotels.


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