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Alexandria Still Burns: Librarians & the Fight for Knowledge

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I like Kyle Cassidy‘s work because he has a good eye for subculture. There is a journalistic aspect to his work, combined with an aesthetically pleasing approach. Kyle Cassidy delves into the social anthropology of cultural aspects which go unexplored by most. I think I first came across him on LiveJournal. (Raise your hand if […]

Shooting in Vegas

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I can’t believe how little I’ve been shooting in Las Vegas lately. Forrest Black and I are planning on rectifying this soon. We’ll probably start in December and not wait for January and the adult shows. (Gratuitous blurry snapshot camera pics below of us in Las Vegas for the aforementioned. Forrest Black is better at […]

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Some Cool Kickstarter Projects

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I’ve been exploring Kickstarter the last few days and there are a bunch of really cool projects on there. The site is used for a variety of different sorts of creative endeavors. Here are a few person picks of projects I like. Rhinestone Gorilla are funding a burlesque tour. Their video is really creative and […]

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New Year, Nice Balloons, Sale Prices

New Year, Nice Balloons, Sale Prices

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BlueBlood.com will be finishing up 2008 with a celebratory balloons set of the lovely Voltaire, lensed by yours truly and Forrest Black. Nothing says “party” like balloons on a hot naked tattooed girl. Well, maybe other things say “party” like that, but balloons on a hot naked tattooed girl are still very festive. Blue Blood’s […]

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