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It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin for Silicone Interior Designer

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Okay, it’s hard to avoid the serial killer jokes, when faced with an art installation of chairs designed to feel like they are made of human skin. Most folks I know, who use lifelike silicone, employ it to mimic very specific body parts. (I mean, the penis, followed distantly by the vulva, because men never […]

Game of Thrones, S4 E31: Two Swords, or A String of Dead Sparrow Heads

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Our new season of Game of Thrones begins with the final unsheathing of Ned Stark’s greatsword Ice, which Tywin Lannister has apparently decided to repurpose as two smaller swords. Sort of like splitting a loft space into two units. Since that isn’t enough of a symbolic emasculation and erasure for one pre-credit sequence, he also […]

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Easter Egg Castle Fully Re-Opens to Public Today

- by in Blue Blood

The Kelburn Castle and Estate fully opens to the public on Easter and maintains regular hours from Easter until November second. Although Kelburn Castle has many historical and architectural features of interest, the aspect people tend to find most notable is the graffiti-covered portion. A couple of years ago, it was determined that parts of […]

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