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Have you ever seen a Zedonk?

Have you ever seen a Zedonk?

- by in Happenings, Oddities

Katherine Dorsett at CNN reported today that the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve, in Bumfuck Dahlonega, Georgia, now features a zedonk. Preserve founder C.W. Wathen says he keeps his donkeys with his zebras because donkeys are extremely calm and they help the zebras chill and not run through fences. Apparently Sarah the Donkey does a little more […]

Grizzy Bear Carjacking and Shark Genital Cavity

Grizzy Bear Carjacking and Shark Genital Cavity

- by in Oddities, Popcorn

Darth Vader took the bank bailout money and a joyriding grizzly bear ran that car into a tree. Also Discovery reports that sharks have antibiotic-resistant bacteria on them. This has been a really special news week. We already covered Darth Vader getting away with bank robbery (the Sith Lord is still at large with no […]

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