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Richard Kadrey Killing Pretty

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Happiness is getting something in for review that I actually really want and am excited to read. I’ve been a fan of Richard Kadrey‘s writing since Metrophage came out approximately two point five zillion years ago. I’ve been really enjoying his Sandman Slim series. Even if I was discomfited by the one which had too […]

Breaking Bad To’hajiilee S5 Ep13

- by in Headline, Popcorn

According to the internets, a lot of people are deeply not rooting for Walt, at this point. Apparently, a lot of people are also totally shocked by the way Skyler and Marie are reacting to events over the second half of season 5, like how could these nice ladies be all on-board with murder and […]

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Breaking Bad – Season 5 – Episode 09 – Tread Lightly

- by in Headline, Popcorn

The first episode of the second half of the fifth season of Breaking Bad aired tonight. While I question the necessity of such complex math to describe a season of a show, maybe it comes with the high end chemist territory. I have to admit I considered not watching this second half of the fifth […]

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Richard Kadrey Says Aloha from Hell

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Blue Blood readers may have come across Richard Kadrey first as a photographer, with his Blue Blood VIP work of Stephy Slaughter and Soma Stardust. I came across his creative work first reading his cyberpunk novel Metrophage. Aloha from Hell, the newest book in his Sandman Slim series is about to come out and I […]

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