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Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 1: Valar Dohaeris, or We’re Serving Realness

- by in Headline, Popcorn

So, where were we? A shrieking comes across the blackness, and oh yes, Fat Sam Tarly in heaps of trouble. Luckily he has Ghost and a few dozen friends to save his bacon. Wait, Ghost? Anyway, Sam blew it with the ravens, so the Unhappiest Campers are headed for the wall to warn everyone about […]

Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative Professionals Week

- by in Blue Blood

The nice people at APN remind me that it is Administrative Professionals Week. I used to thik that there was just Secretary’s Day on like the second or third Wednesday of April or something like that. Turns out that there is a whole week dedicated to the concept. I love all sorts of thematic celebrations, […]

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