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Ghoulmaster Kickstarter

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Gothic.Org just posted a feature article on Pete Carter’s Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse Kickstarter. He loves Halloween and has tons of dark style and guyliner and even wrote an ode to those vital cosmetic basics black lipstick and eyeliner. One of the Kickstarter rewards features some of those song lyrics in black crayon. The incentives are […]

Doctor Who, Episode 706: The Bells of Saint John

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So we left The Doctor in Victorian London, gleefully throwing himself into the Mystery of Souffle Girl, having nominally defeated Withnail and his snow globe via the magic of ruining Xmas. Which was touching and funny and if Souffle Girl has a nebbishy and eternally persistent boyfriend I quit this show forever. I enjoyed the […]

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Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special: The Snowmen

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We open with snowy Victorian England: Lonely child, fussing parents, and predatory alien grooming an accomplice in deep, commanding tones. And in keeping with Doctor Who tradition, damaged child grows into venerable British actor, and we get… Withnail! Collecting fake snow in jars! Withnail’s imaginary friend has grown into a huge steampunk snow globe slash […]

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