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$766,042 Amanda F. Palmer: The New Record, Art Book, and Tour

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Why, yes, I have been looking through all the varied cool creative projects on Kickstarter recently. I’m excited that the Kickstarter business model is facilitating the sharing of so much art. My fellow Wesleyan alum Amanda Palmer is currently in the middle of a ridiculously successful Kickstarter project. At this writing, Amanda Palmer: The new […]

Question: How long do you wait for a commitment?

- by in Manifesto, Sex

I’ve seen a few discussions online recently on the topic of how long you should accept waiting for a commitment in a relationship. So I thought I’d ask what you all think. I’ll start. I think that, once you are an adult, a year is the magic timeline. As a young person in school, you […]

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Vampire Con Panel and Photography

Vampire Con Panel and Photography

- by in Blue Blood

It is no secret that I love the vampire genre. I received Honors at Wesleyan University for my thesis on vampire legends as a paradigm for aggressive human sexuality. And I would like the record to show that I will be speaking on exactly that topic this weekend at Vampire Con in Hollywood. I’ll be […]

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