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Google Apparently Wants to be the Taliban

- by in Headline, Manifesto

Google apparently wants to be the Taliban, or headed that way anyway. It knows best what’s good for us and we better get in line or get cut off. Mind you, BlueBlood.net has never run Google Ads, but some of our partner sites report that they are running into more and more ridiculous problems trying […]

Why Working at Home is both Awesome and Horrible

Why Working at Home is both Awesome and Horrible

- by in Art, Manifesto

So Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal is pretty much a genius. He sold an early social network he coded some years back, so I have no idea if he needs to sit at home creating antisocial quizzes and hilarious webcomics. But, need to or not, he does. Today’s entry is Why Working at Home is […]

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Punk Bubble Bath

- by in Blue Blood

A while back, I asked the Blue Blood boards Have you ever been fired from a job? It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that most of our members are extremely talented and conscientious and hardworking, yet have personality, err, quirks which make it hard to always fit in at a job. I know […]

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