Magruber? Really? Really?

I’m just going to say it right now and get it out of the way: the Magruber trailer makes the movie look much much less terrible than I would have expected.

In general, I think Will Forte is a pretty talented comedian. (I assume Kristen Wiig can take the chrome off a trailer hitch because I have to fast-forward almost anything she is in on SNL and she is on a lot these days. I know a lot of her schtick is insufferable characters, but insufferable just stops being funny or even tolerable fast. In her defense, I thought she was great on Bored to Death, so maybe she just needs more of a good editor on Saturday Night Live.) Ryan Phillippe and Val Kilmer are easy on the eyes and have both done countless impressive roles. Jorma Taccone collaborated with Andy Samberg on some of his most entertaining stuff and he directed Magruber. The look of the movie in the trailer is nice and the comic timing is definitely there.

Ironically watching an action movie strikes me as painfully lame and self-consciously hipster though. And, really, for fuck’s sake, one Magruber sketch on SNL was funny, but it became groan-worthy ages ago. I realize that, as pointed out on the recent Ryan Phillipe hosting SNL episode, Dick in a Box might be limited in how it could be expanded into a movie. But Dick in a Box is hilarious. I definitely think that would have been a better small concept to expand, at least with Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake attached.

I find myself wanting to channel Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler from Really with Seth and Amy: Really? A repetitive sketch based on MacGyver? Really? A regular spoof of an old TV show primarily remembered as something Grandpa and the other guys in the rest home want to watch on The Simpsons? Really? Really? All that talent on SNL and Magruber gets a movie deal? Really? The absurdity of this being so extreme that SNL itself has to do a monologue bit about how weird it is that, out of all their options, they chose to expand Magruber into a movie? REALLY!?

Nonetheless, hope springs eternal. I’m going to go watch the Alec Baldwin season finale I TiVoed now. Hopefully he is not in a Magruber sketch.


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