Humans Prepare, Zombie Apocalypse Fails to Happen

zombie emergency prep apocalypse

Well, it is May 22, 2011 now, so it appears the zombie apocalypse I was counting on has failed to materialize. I’m going to have to get some work done and do laundry after all. Glad I didn’t do anything too embarrassing at that end of the world party.

I love California and California could raise my state taxes and I’d be all good with that. Usually, I do not feel the same way about the Federal government and how it spends my tax dollars. But, damn, kudos to the CDC for using the abortive May 21 end of the world to engage in some socially useful viral media. The Cender for Disease Control in Atlanta put up a blog for zombie preparedness. It just also happens to have some really good suggestions for what to do in any emergency — earthquake, flood, tornado, etc. The CDC Emergency Twitter now has 1,270,112 followers.

Now we all know to pack water, non-perishable good, medication, tools, soap, towels, clothing, bedding, first aid supplies, and important documents. Once we are packed, we know we need an evacuation plan, list of emergency contacts, place to meet up int he event of disaster, and a list of stuff to be scared of in your part of the world. Check the CDC zombie blog for details. If you just like zombies and are not terribly interested in disaster preparedness, has a couple galleries of zombie pictures.

Zombie Invasion


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