Dress Code – Mandatory Fairytale Ballgowns

Back before the internet, I assumed that, when I got to the point where I needed a large number of regular artistic collaborators, I would need a big office. I personally tend to keep a somewhat nocturnal, but mostly pretty varied schedule. And so do most creative people I know. And the internet facilitates easy coordination with people who are very far away.

So I ended up not having a giant office with a dress code. But I had thought of what my dress code would be. Of course, given the time and place, leather jackets were a please do. I was cool with suits of many stripes as well — black tie, Pulp Fiction, Armani, so long as it is a suit with balls-out style. Spelling shirt L-I-N-G-E-R-I-E would also have been a yes, of course. And, perhaps less obviously, ballgowns.

I love ballgowns. As a little kid, I was mostly indifferent to clothing, but my party dresses tended toward fairytale action. Today, when I went hiking, the park was hosting a Faery Hunt, so there were about a zillion little Hollywood California girls in fairy wings and glitter. I would have loved that in nursery school and I love that they do these events.

I think the fantastical couture ballgown designs in Ezra‘s 2012 Collection would be perfect for adult fae wear. Maybe I need to implement that dress code, after all.

ezra designs fairytale


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