Hanoi Rocks – Beer and a Cigarette (live ’83)

I know the heyday of Hanoi Rocks was a bit before the time of the video star, but they would have been so perfect in that medium. I can’t even find any videos from Michael Monroe’s solo work. I want someone to make a music video, with use of a time machine, for Dead by X-Mas or Oriental Beat. Anyone have a line on Hanoi Rocks music videos? Or a time machine?

Live @ The Marquee / London – 1983
All Those Wasted Years Concert

Rock & Roll !!


Well, I met her yesterday
She just came into my way
And I was so surprised
She told me that she loved me
Always would be true to me

Never tell no lies to me
She said her love was free
And I thought that I might
Just take a chance on her
Try hard to get into her

You know what I did?
I told her that I love her
Told her that I care
I said I’d be free to ride
And to do it anywhere

Never want no love affair
I just like the clothes you wear
There’s one thing I gotta do
Before I kiss you

I want a beer and a cigarette
I’ve got to get myself an ice cold beer
I want a beer and a cigarette
And I need a cigarette, well I
I didn’t come here for no fix, I just need a beer

I want a beer and a cigarette
Oh babe, I got to get myself
I want a beer and a cigarette
Lord, there’s only two things on my mind
I want a beer and a cigarette
Too much ain’t enough
I want a beer and a cigarette
Well, and a cigarette, and beer


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