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batty vanity vamp

You all are probably familiar with Batty from her appearances in the Blue Blood VIP and her gothic clothing line Azrael’s Accomplice. Forrest Black and I have collaborated with Batty on shoots for Marquis, Devolution, Tattoo Savage, and more. Sometimes she has been in front of our cameras and sometimes she has dressed people like the beautiful Dana Dark for our shoots. The burlesque-themed Vanity Vamp clothing line is Batty’s second Kickstarter and I suspect it will succeed, the same as her first one did. I don’t want to say too much, as part of the idea of Kickstarters is that artists can speak for ourselves, but check out what Batty has to say in the video below.

Vanity Vamp Retro Inspired fashions is a new retro/glam/burlesque inspired clothing and couture corsetry line.

Vanity Vamp retro inspired fashions is the brainchild of , well me, designer Tracy Robertson. I am the owner of another successful alternative clothing line that is more gothic/costume themed but now I am striving to do a new line that focuses more on the beauty of retro fashions of the 20’s-60’s, with a vampy, dark glam twist, and inspiration from burlesque performers. The line is ready to launch it’s very 1st clothing collection and since I LOVE kickstarter I would love to use this is my platform to lunch the this new collection with your help.

As you know running a small business is a challenge and Vanity Vamp is ran just like my other lines, with a small team of people, with love and care put into each item, however launching a brand new collection takes capital and that’s something in short supply to small micro businesses like me. But with your help I can get this done and you can get some AWESOME rewards.

My goal with this project is to raise enough funds to make the sample pieces for the 1st collection for the vanity vamp line. The collection will consist of 8-10 pieces and also 2-4 couture corset pieces. As a supporter you will see lots of updates with the completion of the pieces and the progress of the collection. You will also be offered rewards ranging from thank yous, cocktail hats, couture hair flowers, all the way up to awesome retro dresses and corsets. I want to share my unique vision of retro inspired fashion with you!


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