The Deadfly Ensemble – Flight of the Invisible Siamese Three-Year-Olds

A creepy folk tune with rumbling soundscapes and haunted vocals could be properly complemented only by an equally creepy video. The animation, completed as part of Natalie Cheetham‘s final major project at uni, reeks of a Gothic fairytale taking a note from haunted house flicks, Tim Burton, and childlike playfulness for that extra touch of skin-crawlingly good Gothiness. The Lead singer of The Deadfly Ensemble, Lucas Lanthier, sounds like he’s possessed by a spooked demon, seeping in and out of the classy mansion of terrified children as the contrast of light and shadow transitions with a dark stylishness. For more news from The Deadfly Ensemble, be sure to check out their most recent release An Instructional Guide For Aspiring Arsonists available from Trisol music.

Tom flew… Tom flew, and Nick was flying, too. Far away, night and gray… and they’d been gone for days. Down in town, their mum made sounds and their eyes were glazed and round.

“We could go back, but we’re still secret! We don’t need our hats because it’s not chilly! We could hold hands but it’s not scary!”

In the dust spiders rush and their fingers lose their touch. On the floor, behind the door in that nightshirt they abhor! Mum tried, mum cried… she thinks her boys have died.

Mum is bound to pay a hundred pounds and yet, they shall remain unfound. No man in medicine can bring them back again. But then she recalls her uncle Paul, who used to stare at walls!

End Bit
“From under the clouds, there booms a basso song! It tells us, ‘Don’t fuss!’ So we make haste to the desert waste! He’s floating there! ‘Don’t be scared!’ He scowls and says that we are almost dead! ‘You must return! You have to learn…’”

End End Bit
Now they blink. Tom and Nick think their mum is so, so pretty! “Don’t cry! We’re hungry! Now let’s stand! That’s better! Now let’s clap our hands!”


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