Breaking Bad Buried S5 Ep10

I wish I were watching Breaking Bad on my computer, the way I do a lot of HBO and Cinemax stuff. Because I want to share screencaps of the two most fantabulous moments of tonight’s show. They involve expensive women’s footwear and stacks of paper.

So, when last we left our heroes, Walt had told Lydia to have a nice day and to deal with her quality drop-off problem herself. So Lydia headed out to the desert to the local meth lords’ den. And she gave them a manufacturing plant inspection. They were not receptive to her suggestions for proactive measures, like cleaning the lab the eff up or utilizing hard-working sociopath Todd to cook. The shot of Lydia fastidiously climbing down the metal ladder into their underground methamphetamine bunker, fastidiously and uncomfortably placing her red Louboutin shoe soles on each filthy industrial rung . . . well, it is pure genius. If you would like to cosplay Lydia, you can pick up similar Louboutin heels from Saks and other fine retailers. Don’t blame me if you have to get into the drug wholesaling biz, in order to afford $625 for a pair of black and red high heeled pumps. The scene of Todd, always the gentleman (when not murdering children, hmm, maybe then too), helping Lydia up off the top of the ladder (after murdering all the local meth lords with his crew) was pretty great too.

I have to say that none of the men on this show understand women. Skyler might be kinda horrible, but she has always known where her bread is buttered. Hank trying to act like he is going to be all manly and protect her and his niece and nephew . . . well, that act was not going to work on the woman married to The One Who Knocks. Marie giving Skyler a taste of her own medicine and trying to get all sanctimonious about kidnapping Skyler and Walt’s baby girl . . . well, that wasn’t going to work either. Skyler is nothing if not selfish and, while she might be fine with dishing that out to get her way with Walt, there was no way in the world she was going to put up with being treated that way herself. Hank siccing his psycho-girlie-competitive wife on the sister she is psycho-girlie-competitive with . . . well, that was some really poor strategy on his part.

I thought it was sad, although understandable, that Walt didn’t feel he could share his sickness/weakness with Skyler, that he feels he has no one to lean on now. I thought it was sad, although understandable, that he assumed Skyler would have cut a deal. It seemed more likely to me that Skyler was going to do what was best for Skyler and she was not giving the money back and she sure as heck was not giving her jerky domineering sister the upper hand.

I’m glad that I have Y chromosomes in the sibling department and not sisters. I see other people have to deal with that competitive nonsense and maybe they are better equipped to deal with the way some chicks like to compete while faking being friends, but I think I’d be more likely to have the emotional support I needed to, ya know, Heisenberg it. Fortunately, I’ve never been that level of fascinated by chemistry. But I digress.

I enjoyed the parallel of Walt being cornered by Hank, when Hank really only suspects, and Jesse Pinkman being cornered by DEA guys, when they really only suspect. Usually, Walt is the smooth goal-oriented one, but he actually cares what his family thinks and does. Jesse, on the other hand, just shuts the eff up.

The most fun moment in episode ten of season 5b of Breaking Bad on AMC is when Huell and Saul Goodman’s other henchman hit the storage space to move the huge stacks of cash. Huell just has to lie down on the enormous amount of money and just get the feel of lying on that much dough. His expression is so priceless that henchman #2 has to join in. The comic timing is just amazing. I like that they are scared to really rob Walter White in any significant way, knowing he had a dozen jailed guys whacked within a few minutes, but they might have pocketed a few benjamins. Walt just looks at them, after checking the giant canisters of cash, and says that the amount all there is close enough. Fun fact to know and share: Lavell Crawford, who plays Huell, is a stand-up comic in real life.

The episode finishes up with Hank getting dressed up and heading to the office to call a meeting and get the DEA on his team for getting Walt before the former chem teacher succumbs to cancer. I don’t think Hank has any play here. The dude is already home on kinda mental health leave. So he thinks he can come back to the office, after ordering weird stacks of evidence from a frustrating old case sent to his house, and claim that the actual perp is his brother-in-law? Best case scenario is they believe he was stealing the evidence for Walter White. Most likely scenario is tax dollars pay for Hank Schrader to take a one way trip to the funny farm where he will be committed for having totally cracked and being a crazy person.

Episode 510: Buried
While Skyler’s past catches up with her, Walt covers his tracks. Jesse continues to struggle with his guilt.
Written by: Thomas Schnauz
Directed by: Michelle MacLaren


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