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420 California Girls

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I live in the heart of Hollywood and there is tons of commercial space for rent here right now. I am surprised at how many places have been trying to get a tenant without success for as long as they have. Except that places which have been empty for literally years still have asking prices […]

Best Alcohol Quotes Repeal Day 2012

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To celebrate Repeal Day 2012, we have a SFW sample photo gallery of beautiful deathrocker Razor Candi tippling Absolut vodka. I assume that the booze industry made up Repeal Day some time in the past few years. I first saw it in a Dewar’s advertisement, but I admit that I think celebrating the end of […]

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David Tennant in Leather Pants

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Apparently the TARDIS has a decent gym. For those of you who have been waiting for the day you could see David Tennant shirtless, in leather pants, with guyliner on, you’re welcome. I’d say it is a good look for him, but, realistically, I think that is a good look for most people. Nice Fright […]

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Rose of No Man’s Land by Michelle Tea

Rose of No Man’s Land by Michelle Tea

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Michelle Tea is one of those special writers whose work fills you with an aching longing for her character. You can’t help falling in love with them. Much of what I’ve read of Michelle Tea’s in the past was memoir, but Rose of No Man’s Land is a coming of age novel. For some reason, […]

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