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World Goth Day Babes

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Reading Gothic.org just reminded me that today is World Goth Day. Pride yo. Here are a few beautiful goth babes from Gothic Sluts to honor the holiday.

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Captain Feminist Guys and A Gothic Hex on Girls – Worst Show Ever from HBO

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So, a funny thing happened after I wrote the article Girls Entitled Hipster-Wannabe Sex and the City Suckage on HBO. I got some hate mail about how I didn’t understand that this was about authentic women’s experiences. Guess how much of that was from women who felt Girls reflects their personal authentic experiences. Did you […]

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What are your favorite monsters?

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Gothic.net has posted a few more interesting Panel of Experts features. The most recent questions are Do you enjoy novels or anthologies more? and What are your favorite monsters and what specifically appeals to you about them? I felt inadequately special saying vampires, but I was surely not alone with this answer. It is kind […]

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Stoker Awards 2011

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Forrest Black and I first attended the Stoker awards afterparty some time in the 1990’s. I don’t remember why we were in New York, but I remember being on a rooftop, chatting with other writers, with a cityscape in the background, which, at least in my mind’s eye totally looks like New York. It was […]

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Blue Blood Top 10 Books of 2011

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2012 is just barreling along already, so it is time to share my top literary picks for 2011. The Panama Laugh by Thomas S. Roche Best zombie novel ever. Thomas S. Roche‘s sorta first novel The Panama Laugh is a really great read. The book is equal parts old school men’s adventure and modern cutting […]

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Valentines Day Special Brings Back Blue Blood VIP 50% Sale, As Little As $4 A Month

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A bunch of y’all hit me up when we did our unprecedented Xmas sale. This December, we offered the lowest priced memberships ever offered for any Blue Blood site and the deal was for the whole package — including everything from Blue Blood VIP, Barely Evil, Gothic Sluts, Erotic Fandom, Rubber Dollies, etc. So, anyway, […]

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Blue Blood VIP 50% Off This Week Only, As Little As $4 A Month

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As we go into 2012, I’ve been reflecting on how this is the final year of Blue Blood’s second decade. I’d really like to get more of you into the VIP, so we’re extending this sale to Blue Blood readers, making everything as inexpensive as possible; I wish it could be free. The last time […]

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Gothic.net Panel of Experts – BDSM in Horror

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Gothic.net has posted a new installment of the Panel of Experts and the current question is: Does a storyline seem more or less frightening to you, when BDSM themes are included, such as those in Hellraiser or Ichi the Killer? Besides yours truly, some other Blue Blood notables on the Panel include John Shirley, Will […]

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Gothic.net Death Valley Zombie Gallery

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Some of the zombie makeup is a bit grisly to show over here, but you can stop by Gothic.net to see a picture gallery preview of the monsters in MTV’s new Death Valley mockumentary debuting tonight. The concept, apparently from the mind of Spider One from Powerman 5000, appears to be Reno 911 with vampires, […]

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Fright Night Opens Friday

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You all may have noticed that Fright Night will be opening Friday. Here is the trailer re-posted from Gothic.net:

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