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SLC Punk Sequel Indie Go Go

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Okay, this could easily be one more thing destroying pop culture touchstones of my childhood. Like that Star Wars sequel with Jar Jar Binks and cutesy young Darth Vader or whoever etc. (I’d like to point out that I somewhat presciently said at the time that it looked like George Lucas was trying to get […]

Stoker Awards 2011

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Forrest Black and I first attended the Stoker awards afterparty some time in the 1990’s. I don’t remember why we were in New York, but I remember being on a rooftop, chatting with other writers, with a cityscape in the background, which, at least in my mind’s eye totally looks like New York. It was […]

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Forgetting the Forgetting Sarah Marshall Ad Campaign

Forgetting the Forgetting Sarah Marshall Ad Campaign

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In March of last year, Los Angeles was blanketed with some kinda misogynist-seeming billboards in promotion of a movie called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. You can check out a post April Flores wrote on the topic for an in-depth analysis of the ad campaign, but the gist of it was finding humor in being insanely hateful […]

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