Wow, Wired Magazine just really hurt my feelings. Genuinely. I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of their magazine from day one. I have every single issue from their very first three years on my magazine shelves. I remember how excited I was when they first came out, covering cool hacker counterculture with fresh artistic sensibilities. And now they would reach out just to be really petty and cheap and nasty to Blue Blood? That’s really not cool at all. What? $6.66 was too much of a micropayment? I would have gladly comped anyone from Wired, partly in the hopes of getting a press mention, but mostly just out of respect. Actually, come to think of it, we’ve comped quite a few people on the staff of Wired over the years, many times at their own request. But, I guess I’m just a chump. This is what I get?

(click to enlarge)

I realize it’s just kind of a bottom of the site blog section designed for negativity, so it’s not like it really counts, but it still seems really unnecessary. Partly, if you stretch a 180 pixel sample thumb image 167% and make it all blurry, yeah it starts to look kind of crappy. I know the folks over there are more talented and tech-savvy than that.

Normally, I’d like to write something a little more structured, and little more focused, but I’m actually kind of hurt.


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