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Ultimate Surrender Syd Blackvich The Hungarian NightmareSeason 6 of Ultimate Surrender just started, hot on the heels of this month’s Summer Vengeance Championship bout between ex-Marine Dia Zerva and sexy tattooed Syd Blakovich aka The Hungarian Nightmare. I guess I should back up a bit and explain what exactly Ultimate Surrender is.

Ultimate Surrender bills itself as a “competitive sexual female wrestling site”. Now there have been cat-fighting sites on the internet, pretty much since computers started vaguely being able to communicate with one another, but Ultimate Surrender takes it to another level. There have been sites where hot women wrestled, either naked or clothed. There have been Geocities compilations of stills from movies where chicks kick ass. But nobody really went all the way to do erotic combat right until the folks at Kink did it.

The thing I really like about all the Kink sites is that they really understand the fetishes they cater to and attempt to actually fulfill them. For example, their first site Hogtied did not just feature bondage and BDSM, but went the distance to show forced orgasms. And, let’s face it, it is not just the intricacies of the rope work which are hot, no matter how pretty shibari can get.

Kink started in 1997 with Hogtied and has since branched out with quite a number of sites, Ultimate Surrender launching in 2004. The basic concept of Ultimate Surrender features either two women or two teams of women getting in the ring, roughly wrestling one another either for real or an awfully convincing facsimile thereof, and the winners sexually dominating the losers. The format is three rounds of competitive wrestling followed by a fourth round where the winner gets to have her way with the loser. It is by having the fourth round that I feel Kink really demonstrates their thorough understanding of the fetish and their willingness to go all the way to deliver what its fans truly fantasize about.

BlueBlood.com and the Kink sites feature quite a bit of crossover of talent. In the Ultimate Surrender competitions, Ariel X actually has fought very successfully, season after season. Others like Justine Joli only appeared once in Season 3 where she got Ultimate Surrender viewer comments like:

Justine is such a bad wrestler . . . That being said Justine is beautiful to the extreme, so at the end of the day she always knows she is gorgeous. Matt even tried to triple Justines pay if only she could get one lousy point . . . not even that worked. On the bright side Justine made really cute noises while Nina was mopping up the floor with her. Nina did the right thing not letting Justine cum in RD-4. Very funny post session interview.”

I think most or possibly all of the Kink sites’ scenes feature exit interviews. Basically, these are videos where they interview the girls about their experiences, what they liked, what they didn’t like, what they thought they would not like but loved, etc. This is partly smart for legal reasons, due to the extremity and roleplaying nature of many of their scenarios, but I think it is also interesting when, for example, I hated a male dom’s voice in a scene and the girl mentions that same complaint in her exit interview. Kink’s stated mission is to provide “authentic fetish entertainment that seeks to demystify alternative sexualities and inspire sexual adventurers” and I think they do a good job of this. Particularly, in the fetish world, a lot of fetishes have been almost entirely desexualized in their presentation and Kink really puts the sex back in kinky sex.

You can check out our free SFW Ultimate Surrender photo gallery or head right over to Ultimate Surrender to get your very own extremely NSFW membership.


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