Richard Avery – the Juliland Interview

juliland zoli photographed by richard averyYou’ve probably seen some of Richard Avery’s shots for Juliland in the Blue Blood Contributors Pages because of his recent work with Blue Blood beauties such as Aiden Starr, Darenzia, Lexi Belle, and Justine Joli. Juliland also features Aria Giovanni, Dana DeArmond, Roxy DeVille, Emily Marilyn, Ariel X, and Dita Von Teese, so you know we’ve got some taste in common, The site he does with Juli Ashton also features dozens more incredible women. Blue Blood in print published a teensy bit of Richard Avery’s work some time back, but we actually met in person for the first time through Lange. In this interview, Richard Avery and I chat photography, creativity, and hot women. We’ve got a little free Juliland photo gallery to give you a taste. Enjoy.

Amelia G: It is pretty common for the music world to utilize both color and black and white photography, but I think it is relatively uncommon for erotica. I have this theory that all the erotic sites which utilize both are music culture influenced. From a creative standpoint, what do you like about color versus black and white?

Richard Avery: Wow! That’s a tough one. I have many thoughts and opinions on photography today, digital, color, b&w and the future. I’ll give you some of the basics… No matter what you do or use, there has to be a vision behind it. As an artist it doesn’t matter what you do or who you do. You just have to show that you know what you want and are very clear. Quality is most important. b&w or color, it just needs to be good. Today most photographers rely on photoshop tricks and forget about the subject. Tricks are for kids!!! A great photo is one that will last the test of time. I am old school and love b&w, but I enjoy color a lot as well. That is why we have fun with both. Some set-ups look good in color, but some just scream… Do me in b&w! Last, most photographers make the mistake of trying to do too much. All I try and do is capture the grrl and who she is. Personality is what I do. In the end if you look at any one photo at you will see there are simple portraits and they will last forever. The greatest photos of our time are usually the simplest ones. Keep it simple and have fun.

juliland jayme langford photographed by richard averyAmelia G: I see a lot of fashion influence in your erotic work as well. What first got you interested in fashion and how did that passion evolve? What were some of the first sorts of models you shot?

Richard Avery: What got me started? Guess? The grrls of course. But my love of beauty and fashion helped a lot. My favorite photographers were all fashion photographers. They had a sense of style and quality that you did not find anywhere else. Legends like Avedon, Penn, Bailey, Lindbergh and Newton. They created work that was timeless and beautiful. I’ve been looking at fashion photography my whole life. So when Juli and I started we asked ourselves what was it going to look like. My simple description… If Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and W got together to make erotica it would be!!! Simple, clean, classic, nasty, sexy, fun and all with a sense of style. Shooting models was a great training ground helped me with Porn Stars, Fetish Models and Nude Superstars. I feel that some of the grrls on our site are better models than any top models today. No fashion model can come close to Dita, Darenzia, Audrey, Michelle, Ann Marie or Heather. These grrls kick ass and rock my world big time. As a matter of fact I love every grrl on and I just wish I could shoot them everyday!!! That would be nice.

Amelia G: How did your work end up branching out into immortalizing beautiful women? Obviously you are an experienced photographer in other realms, but was there much time in between beginning to shoot the sort of work you have on Juliland and launching the site or did you shoot specifically with the site in mind from the beginning of this project?

Richard Avery: Well, I’ve always shot women and they are my favorite subject matter. Meeting Juli Ashton changed everything for me. She liked my vision for, she loved my work and she understood my passion for my work. She also liked the fact that I love women and want them to always look good no matter what! I’ve shot many things and continue to do so, but shooting naked grrls is too much fun. They inspire me and are always fun. This style and look was very thought out. We continue to work hard to be different. Too much erotica looks the same and you can’t remember anything. BUT I bet you if you go through the 25,000 images we have you will remember many! The grrls love the work and are very proud of everything. The members get to see their favorite grrls like never before. It’s all quality and that’s what we strive for in everything we do.

Amelia G: How do you find/select your models? What makes you interested in photographing someone?

Richard Avery: We find our models is so many ways! In the beginning it was a little harder, but now that everyone knows me and its so much easier. Twitter, word of mouth, agents, friends, MySpace, FaceBook and more. Lately a lot of grrls are contacting me through the site. What I like most is that they all have good things to say and they appreciate the quality of the work. Makes me smile. It’s amazing to me that so many grrls wanna get naked and nasty! I love it! Keep it coming grrls!

juliland tori black photographed by richard averyAmelia G: What is the jgrrl of the month and how do you choose her?

Richard Avery: The jGrrl is our extra special grrl of the month that we feature all month long with exclusive content. We like to celebrate her by showing the members unique fresh content. Like nothing you have seen before. Every month is a new grrl and in July we have the jGrrl of the year. Last year Michelle Maylene was 2009 jGrrl of the Year and Audrey Bitoni was the jGrrl of the year for 2008. This year… Well that will be a BIG surprise. We have so many great jGrrls to choose from last year and I know you will be happy come July! Picking out a jGrrl is a simple process, just have that special “it” and be nice to me. I’m easy.

Amelia G: Anything I haven’t asked you which you’d like to share with BlueBlood’s readers?

Richard Avery: Here’s some last thoughts for you and your fans. Juliland is simple, sexy, nasty, fresh, contemporary and most of all fun! It’s not the same OLD porn that you see everyday from a lot of bad sites. We feel we have only started. We have BIG plans for the future and I promise you that it will blow your mind and make you smile. Juli and I believe in what we are doing. We started 5 years ago and will continue working hard to entertain, get nasty, be sexy, educate and have fun. We are always looking to improve because we know it can always be better. Thanks for everything!!!!


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