Twist Interview with Angelspit

I was just checking up on Twist Magazine, which is a cool alternative webzine out of Sweden that I like. You’ll need a translator for a lot of the articles but they feature some great concert photos from current tours with bands like Dimmu Borgir and Skinny Puppy. Twist just put up a massive seven part almost Max-Headroomesque web interview their Sebastian Östlund just did with Karl Learmont from Angelspit. It’s all about the politics of remixing, the heart of industrial experimental music, creative influences, and a little about Angelspit‘s new release Larva Pupa Tank Coffin. I felt that Learmont really summed up a lot of what their scene is really about in such an insightful and entertaining fashion that I wanted to share it here.

I particularly like what he was saying about revisiting the magic Goth-punk-industrial year of 1992 (which is the year Blue Blood started publishing) to get at the creative roots of the dark cyber-industrial genre. It seems that the spirit of that year is coming back into cycle and I see a lot of promising projects starting to come into blossom again. Angelspit is inspiring because they do such a great job of melding all sorts of output. They have such a strong sense of design which comes through consistently in their custom jewelry lines, cosmetics, photography, video production, band merch, and what is probably one of the best designed band websites I’ve seen.

Enjoy the interview and check out Twist Magazine for some good dark glam punk industrial music coverage.


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