Multiple Altporn Awards Nominations for Blue Blood

APNAwards2010-250I’m pleased that multiple sites, photographers, and talent in Blue Blood’s SpookyCash have also received nominations this year in the AltPorn.Net Awards for excellence in altporn. Blue Blood and Erotic BPM both got nominated for best AltPorn Membership Site – Multigirl/Community. Gothic Sluts was nominated for Best AltPorn Site Redesign and I think Forrest Black really really rocked the makeover on that site, so definitely check it out, if you haven’t looked at it lately. I’m probably most excited that Forrest Black and I were nominated for Best Alternative Erotica Photographer and it is probably a good mark for our stuff overall that the other four nominees include two other photographers who have shot for SpookyCash sites as well. Voltaire and Bella Vendetta both got nominations for Best Alternative Erotica Model. Razor Candi and Jiz Lee were both nominated for Best New Alternative Erotica Model. Razor Candi and Crash both got nods for Best Gothic Update. Stephy Slaughter, Jiz Lee and Syd Blakovich, and Ducky and Chachie von Ghoulie all were recognized for Best Punk Update. Scar 13 got nominated for Best AltPorn best Solo Girl Membership Site. Erotic Fandom got nominated for Best New AltPorn Membership Site – Multigirl/Community. I feel like Erotic Fandom is kind of a different genre, but it is still nice to be nominated because I think it is a great site and it hasn’t received all that much notice yet. Lady Clankington got a Best Nerd Update nomination for Erotic Fandom work, so that fits for sure. Nummy Monkey got nominated for Best Raver Update, but Erotic BPM has two noms in that category and I’d expect EBPM would be the favorite there.

Lastly, for the folks who run high traffic sites and popular Twitter profiles, Blue Blood’s SpookyCash affiliate program is nominated for Best AltPorn Affiliate Program. I feel really good about having this project recognized again. Because of our love of new technology and strong publication background, SpookyCash was the first affiliate program to utilize a hosted blog and custom-coded affiliate RSS feed syndication in this market space. SpookyCash also still has the only fully hosted TGP of any of the nominees. SpookyCash, of course, has all the expected affiliate webmaster tools, including banners, hosted banner rotation, FHGs, POTDs with customizable preview thumb size, and all that good stuff.

Wish us luck!


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