Mortis Mortavius Shoots DragonCon 2011

I was very active in East Coast fandom from the time I was very underage (but old enough to get into mischief), until I moved to California. It was a lot of fun. I tended to spell shirt L-I-N-G-E-R-I-E and regularly get in trouble with con security over my (lack of) attire and non-peacebonded weapons. This also meant I got photographed a lot. So I’ve seen a fair amount of convention photography, even if that meant more viewing portfolios on the front end, more than ever actually getting to see the pictures of me at cons. (Except for Kim from Virginia who rules.) Once I started selling a lot of fiction and publishing first BLT and then Blue Blood, I got hassled less, but it was still super fun. I sort of thought that they allowed for more bad behavior when I was a guest or exhibitor, except that my friend author Shariann Lewitt always got grief for her leather-jacketed ways.

West Coast fandom is just different. Please, nobody start yapping about Comic Con right now. Comic Con is not remotely the same. The East Coast cons are more about a meeting of the tribe, they are much more friendly, fans and pros hang out together and there is no distinct line between the two, and the costuming is way better.

I just discovered the photography of Mortis Mortavius. The way he captured the costumes at this year’s DragonCon is really wonderful. So many photographers just get blinded by boobies or something. Mortis Mortavius photographed the DragonCon revelers in a way which really showcases and communicates how much fun these sorts of events are. That is all too rare quality in a photographer, so I am excited to share some of his work with you all here in this DragonCon 2011 pics gallery. His web site is launching soon with more DragonCon 2011 pics and other photography and adventure.

I had so much fun at DragonCon and other conventions in the area that I actually briefly moved to Atlanta, Georgia. I don’t recommend going that far. But I suppose it was an adventure.

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