Archer Season 4, Episode 3: Legs

This week’s merry episode of Archer finds us at home with Ray, in his spacious and non-ADA compliant mid-century mod bachelor pad. Where he is having a dreadful time dealing with that pesky paraplegia. Which fortunately doesn't seem to be bothering any of his co-workers, especially "the other shit bag in my life". Yes: Archer, and his El Camino full of rampaging insensitivity.

Definitely with Lana on the vehicular hermaphodite thing. Bill Clinton drove one of those abominations as a teen.

"Ho scarpe nuove" means "I have new shoes", according to Google Translate, which is normally pretty crap with idiom, so it probably means something to do with hookers. Since Archer said it.

Krieger definitely takes a broad view of certain things, like consent. This apparently stretches from corpse groping to slipping Mickeys to co-workers who make intriguing experimental subjects. Still my favorite character.

More tension with the Gun Librarian, who is pretty handy with the little red button. I think Lana likes him. That "bulldozer made of acid" line is too good to be a throwaway. Saying it now.

And Cheryl uses the C-word in front of Archer, we get a Bladerunner gag to balance out the earlier Star Wars gag, and a meta-gag about linguistics. Mind? Blown.

Pam has the right idea here. I'd bring a sixer of tall boys if I was assisting Krieger with a cyborg conversion. Thinking about it, I'd bring at least a 40 if I was assisting him with making a mix tape.

Callback time, as we do the "Archer shoots ineffectually at an armored door and Brett gets tagged" gag that we first saw in the frickin' pilot. How to keep it fresh? Warren commission joke.

Ron the Cadillac King understands work-life balance, to his credit, and delegating. Wanting to be trapped on a cruise ship with Mallory? Not sure what he's thinking of. Besides affable old guy racist utterances.

And the origin of Archer's robophobia! OK, I can see the trauma here, but why focus on machines and not blondes?

That door came off the… OK, Wikipedia tells me the Admiral Graf Spee was a Deutschland-class heavy cruiser (originally termed Panzerschiff or armoured ship, sometimes referred to as "pocket battleship") and I am sure this is interesting and not a joke I am ruining.

And Archer's got his rocket launcher! Soviet hardware? No stingers?

"I basically lurch from one fireable offense to the next" is our boy's moment of clarity for the ep. Glad that's over, so we can get to the tinnitus and pig abuse jokes. What fresh hell is this?

Oh, and Cheryl abuse jokes. "But also emotional violence." By the way, if you watch with the captioning on, she's identified as CHERYL/CAROL.

And, there's a stray explosive device in the ductwork. Good to know.

Meanwhile, Ray is conscious again and Krieger's rediscovered Herbert West's reanimator glow-goo! Is there nothing he can't do? Besides recognize sarcasm and shut off the hi-beams on his crazy eyes? And Archer is alive and naked, and why doesn't he have a phobia of pigs? Forget I asked.

So, I will ask, how many weeks do we have to wait for the showdown between Cy-Barry and Robo-dong Ray? And where's my bulldozer made of acid? I don't ask for much. (Said your mom.)


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