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Forrest Black and I have had to hit Blue Blood’s storage facility as part of working on the BLT Punk Humor Book 25 Year Black Leather Times Zine Omnibus project. We were able to find quite a few vintage issues of BLT where we had enough to be able to give some to our friends and compatriots in Los Angeles. So we made flyers to explain what BLT is to new folks and brought some collectible zines to the 4th of July shindig at Death Knight’s house. forums readers will remember Death Knight for his insightful and reasonable deconstructions of all topics. readers will remember his beautifully well-appointed house from some hot pirate and steampunk shoots and related goodness.

I was excited to run into Damon Knight, pictured here in Death Knight’s pirate cove hot tub with a substantial percentage of the ladyfolk at the party, who I believe he is directing in some sort of patriotic star-spangled water ballet. Damon was one of the first people I met and photographed in Los Angeles, back in town now, after stints in Las Vegas and Chicago. Sometimes it seems like all the people I enjoyed the most in Hollywood have been pulled into some huge diaspora and so few are left in and around the city of Los Angeles.

California flight aside, the Summer Fun issue includes Sarah McKinley Oakes’ suggestions for horrifying tourists on the DC Metro, Michael Clay’s advice for meeting rebellious teenage girls, Vladomir Dracovitch’s thoughts on interfacing with the Moral Majority and NASA, Deborah Ellington’s Romantic true or false, and Will Judy’s breakdown of why Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, “unusual travel invitations are dancing lessons from G-d.” And I wrote the masthead, a checklist of appalling things to do over the summer, a nostalgic reminiscence of making scenes in public places with friends, and a summer beauty and fashion quiz. Here is a sample quiz question:

2. When invited to a pool party, you wear:
a) A micro-thing bathing suit recent imported from Rio
b) The typical attire of the sky-clad
c) A latex catsuit, a gas mask, and a poodle

If I didn’t see you on Independence Day, you can still get the answer key at Kickstarter. Please check out the nifty video of me over there. Thanks!

blt summer fun

the death knight hot tub july4

the death knight damon july4


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