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Breaking Bad Ozymandias S5 Ep14 aka Surprising Level of Suck

- by in Headline, Popcorn

I get it. I get it. We had all the foreshadowing of Walt and Flynn watching Scarface together. So I wasn’t expecting a happy ending to this show. I was, however, expecting a well-written and character-driven ending. Vince Gilligan and crew, under whatever directive ruins shows like Weeds, are really forcing the ending on this […]

True Blood – Dead Meat

- by in Headline

Eric is still butt hurt that Nora turned into slushie and takes it out on Billith. Their cat fight gets them no where and Eric runs off to leave Billith to save the vamps. We get another cat fight with the Redneck Furries when that wolf bitch challenges Alcide as pack master. Of course Alcide […]

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True Blood – At Last

- by in Headline

I was re-watching The Avengers this weekend and it occurs to me that Stellan Skarsgård is batting 500 when it comes to attractive offspring. He himself is looking a bit like Gollum these days, tho back in the day he did have a striking resemblance to Alexander, our beloved Eric Northman. Bill, however, star of […]

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True Blood – Who Are You Really?

- by in Blue Blood, Headline

Look, there are people who like “True Blood”. I don’t know who they are, or why exactly, but they MUST exist or this show wouldn’t STILL be on the air. THESE reviews are not for THOSE people. Some kind of schadenfreude compels me to continue watching and writing so let’s settle in for yet another […]

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