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420 California Girls

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I live in the heart of Hollywood and there is tons of commercial space for rent here right now. I am surprised at how many places have been trying to get a tenant without success for as long as they have. Except that places which have been empty for literally years still have asking prices […]

Cats in Cute Outfits

Cats in Cute Outfits

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United Bamboo has, according to The Telegraph, come out with a calendar of cats modeling their clothes. I didn’t see anything on the United Bamboo site that I had to have. Honestly, the bags are probably the only items I’d used if I got comps in the mail. But I can’t help appreciating the viral […]

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Puppy Cam!

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Forrest Black’s LiveJournal friend GloomCookie has the best streaming cam on the web. It features 24/7 live streaming video of six Shiba Inu puppies. This is what the internet was invented for. At least, this is what the internet should have been invented for. Right now, while I’m watching, someone (presumably GloomCookie) is playing with […]

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